Rapidly validate and launch tech concepts.

Modern methods have changed the game, significantly lowering the barriers, costs, and time needed to creation and launch tech products.​​

We use

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to rapdily turn ideas into reality.

*We believe that no-code tools are the best way right now to test a concept with the least amount of waste and the highest possible fidelity so that you can feel confident to launch a concept.

What do we do?


Before any concept should be launched it’s viability should be assessed.

We run through a proven Business Validation Assement in order to

prove three points.

  1. There a business case – It fulfils your financial goals.

  2. There an opportunity in the market – There is a large enough market and space for your concept.

  3. There is a market – There are individuals that are willing and able to buy the product.


When the above three are proven, there is a good chance the launch

will succeed.


When the Business Validation Assessment has proven the three points, or a business has conducted it’s own research and come to a similar conclusion it is time to think about launch.

We then determine what the quickest route is to customer 1 or further proving that a cold market will interact with the concept without wasting resources. We then begin the best build to get to that outcome.

Who we do it for?

We help Individuals & Organisations that have an Idea or opportunity but do not have the time to make it a reality.

What we have built

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