Business Validation Assessment

It’s painful to say,  but some businesses are not meant to be. There are faults in the product or service, the unit economics don’t work out, the addressable market is too small, customers don’t feel the same way about your product as you do, the business doesn’t fit your personal goals or a whole host of other reasons. There's a reason why business failure statistics are so high, however it is possible to improve your odds by running a thorough validation on your idea to give it the best chances to succeed.


We run through a flexible assessment to determine a business's viability and this all starts with a goal mapping session. It's very important to know what you want out of your business in order to achieve the desired outcome. Only once the aim of the business is identified we are able to assess the viability based on that.

We then determine whether there is an opportunity, a market and a business case. If all three of these exist and fit your goals then the business is considered viable.


1. Is there an opportunity in the market? We review the market size and competition to determine whether there is a big enough opportunity in relation to your initial goals.

2. Is there a market? We identify the stakeholders in your market specifically the decision-makers and we reach out to them. We question them to determine whether this is what they want, are they willing to pay, and if not what does the ideal product look like?

3. Is there a business case? We run the numbers and work out what the unit economics of the product look like and how they will scale.

If all of these come back positive then it is likely that the business will stand a chance and it's time to build.

Bubble consultant

As a long time user of bubble creating multiple platforms for myself and clients I have covered all aspects of the platform including design, workflow design, database structuring and API connection. There is not much about the platform that I do not know!

Venture builder


How do you get to market as quickly as possible in the most efficient way?


After conducting a Business Validation Assessment or if enough research has been done to reach a similar conclusion then we are ready to begin the launch of the venture.

We first identify the most efficient way to market and the best way to get customer 1 onboard and then look to scale that. Typically we use no-code tools to further prove the concept and build a product that will take revenue.

We have a background in business creation and entrepreneurship mixed in with a strong foundation in no-code tools which makes us the perfect partner to take your product to market.

We do not act as a development team, we like to act as an executive member of the team to make reccomendations and improvements that we believe will be in the benefit of the concept's success.