Assess whether a venture is viable before it is created.


Map out the best go-to-market strategy and execute.

About us

We are a new type of consultancy that injects entrepreneurialism into a project, a team or a venture.

With a significant background in business creation we help to create, change and innovate.

What we do

Canary Wharf London

Individuals and Organisations

We help Individuals & Organisations that have an Idea or opportunity but do not have the time to make it a reality.​ We run the concept through a validation methodology to determine whether the product/ opportunity will fulfil a predetermined goal. We then build and launch the product.

Business Meeting

Existing Businesses

We help existing businesses that feel like they could be doing more. ​ We use our experience to inject energy and a fresh pair of eyes on the product. ​ We run a thorough investigation of the offering to determine what has been done so far. We then assess and prioritise what needs to be done to fulfil a predetermined goal, growth, investment & exit. ​ ​ ​ ​

Validation Assessment

An in depth review into a project or venture in order to determine it's viablity.


Join the business in a freelance capacity to support the founder for a short or long term project.


An outside perspective to conduct research existing or new projects.

Customer Advisory Board

Assembly of a group of key stakeholders to discuss the market, the product and the outlook.

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